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The Hishtalmoot Difference

Our clinical hypnosis modality has certain key differences from both
conventional therapy as well as many other hypnotherapists and hypnosis clinics. 

Eyes Closed

Whether we’re working in-person or virtually via online hypnotherapy, you’ll have your eyes closed for the majority of the session. This allows you to focus your attention inward dive deeper into your subconscious. It’s one of the key super-weapons that sets our hypnotherapy apart. Read more about it here.


Unlike many other hypnotists, Hishtalmoot proactively seeks to explore and process trauma and limiting beliefs through a variety of techniques including somatic experiencing and role play, and draws upon modalities like Existential, Gestalt, IFS, and NLP therapy systems.  

Fast and Direct

This modality focuses on rapid change – but believes that it can only be achieved when you do deep work. A typical session can last longer and quickly dive into the root of issues that have been bothering you for years. You may choose to have more time between sessions to give yourself a break and give yourself time to integrate.

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Rapid Transformation

Psychodynamic and client-led, a Hishtalmoot hypnotherapy aims to address your biggest challenges head-on.

Our philosophy is that to overcome a problem, you must go through it. We aim to provide you with the support and resources to dive into the darkest corners of your mind, learn about your subconscious motivations, and create lasting positive change.

Success Stories

Hishtalmoot has helped people grow and overcome challenges in the following areas:

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Relationships

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Relationships

Eve, a therapist herself, came for treatment because she was having difficulty finding a life partner. Despite being successful, outgoing, and good with people, she had dated dozens of guys with no success. In the course of her treatment, Eve was able to explore her...

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Fred used to experience continuous anxiety. Even when speaking with him, one got a sense that he was always on edge, suspicious and tense. This made it difficult for him to focus on his studies and made transitions into new environments very difficult. During his...

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Abuse

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Abuse

Elizabeth was a vivacious and happy young woman with a dark past. Her father had verbally abused her for years, culminating in her running away from home during her teens. Behind her cheerful personality lay a lot of mistrust, fear, and a deep need for affirmation...

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Guilt

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Guilt

Guilt is a recurring theme amongst many clients, two specific instances come to mind because of their similarity: Carl and Danny both discovered during a session that they were being held back in life by an inner voice that told them they were not good enough because...

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Career Guidance

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Career Guidance

Brett was a medical school student who had burnt out after several years of study. He no longer connected emotionally to his initial motivation to become a doctor, and as a result was finding his studies tedious and uninspiring. He was finding that other people’s...

What people are saying

Doing this work with Shalom, I have felt an openness and safety to see all the parts of myself.

The best modality I’ve found. Shalom is a masterful facilitator.

The most impactful thing I’ve ever done is hypnotherapy. If you’re on the fence, give it a try.

I had instant results after my work with Shalom. He is great at his work and hypnosis.

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