What are the benefits of working with Hishtalmoot?

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine your ideal life – great relationships, successful career, happiness. Now return to your current life situation. How different is it? What’s causing the divide between your ideal life and your current one?

We believe that the core setback holding you back from living your ideal life is unresolved issues within yourself. Circumstances come and go, and life may not be perfect, but if you work through your own emotional blocks you will find your external reality changing as well.

Think back to a time when you absolutely resolved to make a positive change in your life, and then didn’t.

What Happened?

Learn more about how Hishtalmoot work in this in-depth video from the founder, Shalom Shore

You were completely clear on the benefits, and you seemed to have perfect resolve! The truth that situations like that, and we all have them – are an indicator that some part of yourself does not want to change.

Imagine being able to perfectly align all your willpower, concentration, and emotional resolve to fulfilling your dreams. There truly is no limit to what you could do! Hishtalmoot meditation is a great way to start doing that. It helps you understand yourself better, identify inner conflicts, and resolve them in a positive, non-confrontational way that often leads to effortless growth and self-development.

What problems can you help me solve?

Hishtalmoot’s hypnotherapy sessions are client-led and often include deliberately regressing back to specific memories to reimagine and heal them – It’s very similar to the movie Inception.

As a therapeutic modality Hishtalmoot can lead to powerful changes and deep insight in a remarkably short amount of time. We have helped clients with the following challenges they experienced in their life, including:


  • Anxiety and Fears
  • Self-Esteem and Positive Body Image
  • Overcoming Addictions
  • Spiritual Growth and Emotional Connection to a higher power
  • Improved Relationships with spouses, parents, and children
  • Combating Perfectionist and Obsessive Tendencies

What Does the Name Mean?

Hishtalmoot is a Hebrew word for perfection in process. It is an expression of a profound idea: we not meant to be perfect, but rather our goal is to continuously grow and develop, appreciating each step along the way. Every insight, every improvement is a fulfilment of your highest purpose in the world.

Hishtalmoot allows you to do just that: appreciate your infinite potential and unconditional self-worth while still motivating you to improve your life in a supportive and positive way. Very little is accomplished by hitting yourself over the head or engaging in self-criticism, despite the fact that this is often our default approach to problem solving. A compassionate attitude towards your current challenges, combined with positive and empowered confidence in your ability to overcome them, is a far better way to create lasting change in your life.

Hishtalmoot Practitioners

Shalom Tzvi Shore

My work with others is heavily informed by my own experiences – I am an ex-Orthodox Rabbi who was raised in a religious fundamentalist home, as a result I’ve personally grappled with a plethora of mental health challenges myself. Consequentially, I bring a very open mind and firsthand empathy to my work with others.

My development has included a two year Masters in Clinical Sociology program at the University of North Texas, nine months of hypnotherapy training, hundreds of hours of vipassana meditation and over 10 years of various forms of therapy that I’ve explored on myself.

My treatment modality is eclectic, and is informed by such modalities as IFS (Internal Family Systems), Gestalt, Existential, and Eriksonian Hypnosis.

I have a very existential and nihilistic approach to life. I don’t sugar coat things, and I believe the biggest questions like death, suffering, and meaning, should be addressed head-on.

Hypnosis has had a remarkable impact in my own life. I am committed to helping others explore it and achieve similar benefits in their own lives. Book an introductory session with me today and see if hypnotherapy is a good fit for your journey of healing and self-actualization.

Aviva Zeldman

I am passionate about supporting others and helping them navigate life with more awareness and insight.

I trained as a One Brain practitioner and meditation facilitator with Buddhist Geeks.

I have been practicing and facilitating solo and dyad meditation for seven years, including several retreats at The IMS Meditation center in Massachusetts.

I am particularly interested in the intersection of meditation, philosophy, and consciousness on our own wellbeing.