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Whether you are new to meditation in general, or even if you are a seasoned meditator, this free online course on meditation is guaranteed to teach you something new.

Meditation is an extremely simple yet very effective way to relax, gain insight about yourself and the world, and integrate new ideas.

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Over the course of 10 weeks, you will:

  • Learn how to meditate, even if you have never done so before
  • Get inspired by powerful, positive ideas
  • Gain amazing psychological insights about yourself

Meditation is a powerful and resource, that will provide you with many benefits. Yet despite this, many people don’t meditate enough, simply because they are too busy to remember to meditate, or struggle to find the time to do so.

By getting these brief, guided meditations in your inbox, you will have a weekly reminder to set aside just a small portion of your day (less than 15 minutes!) to relax, grow and develop as a person.

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Even if you have no previous meditation experience, our easy to understand articles and recordings will hold your hand and guide you along the path of deeper and deeper relaxation and insight.

Regardless of how busy you are, imagine how much better you would feel if you just set aside 15 minutes a week to deeply relax and get in touch with yourself. You deserve at least that much, right?

 What people are saying about Hishtalmoot Meditation:

What people are saying

This was great, you have to try it.

Amazing, I cried. Thanks so much.

Shalom Shore

Shalom Shore

Meditation Coach

I look forward to sharing my knowledge of Hishtalmoot meditation with you, and it is my hope that the information you learn over the next couple weeks will provide you with insight, growth, and deep relaxation.