Exploring Perceptions

The mind is a powerful tool.

We have the capacity to do far greater things than we normally give ourselves credit for.

You may be familiar with the creativity of your imagination. You may have found yourself day dreaming as a child, in school, or hopefully, even as an adult.

But what you may not have realized is how powerful an effect our fantasies can have on our lives.


One amazing way in which we can literally change our lives is by rewriting our own history.

Growing up, all of us endure traumatic events – imperfect parents, insensitive teachers, or maybe classmate or sibling rivalries. Each of us experiences suffering in different settings and situations, but we all experience pain in one form or another.

And these experiences continue to impact the way we interact with the world as adults, in the present day.

You see, a part of us never grows up.

Our subconscious mind can be compared to a small child – spontaneous, energetic, quick to learn, sensitive and impressionable, and having little sense of time and space.

This last point is the clincher – outwardly we can appear to be mature, presentable adults, but inside of us still lives that small, emotional child. And guess what? That child actually influences most of the decisions we make.

This means that if our inner 5-year-old is afraid of strangers because of a negative experience she had years ago, that can still continue to impact our daily lives.

How can we change this loop?

With the help of Hishtalmoot meditation.

You see, the subconscious mind is extremely impressionable and flexible.

And although it currently possesses a strong negative memory of say, an episode with a threatening stranger, we have the ability to go back and literally change that memory.

Just like the movie Inception, we can go back in our minds and change the course of our personal history.

How does it work?

The reason this works is because our mind is unable to distinguish between an actually memory and a vivid fantasy.

This is not good news for police investigators who are trying to collect testimony about a crime committed – three different people can swear they saw three completely different things; each influenced by their individual perceptions, preconceived notions and past experiences.

But when it comes to shaping our own life path, this can be very helpful. We can create a new future for ourselves by smoothing out the bumps in our past.

The state of deep relaxation one enters while in meditation allows for fantasies that are far more vivid and detailed than ones we can create with our conscious mind. And it is these kinds of fantasies imagined experiences that are ideal for shaping the new narrative we want to create.

Give it a try

Exploring and rewriting your own past is something best done with the help of an experienced coach, for two reasons: first of all, your unique experiences make it impossible to get the full benefit from a generic recording; and second, by default the memories being explored are usually negative ones, with the being to rewrite them by imagining a more positive outcome.  

This being the case, it is best to explore negative memories with the support and guidance of another individual, who can help create a safe place, provide you with perspective if emotions feel overwhelming, and help you move on if you find yourself “stuck” in a difficult place.

Therefore, the following meditation doesn’t delve into any negative emotions or memories, but instead serves to demonstrate how your mind can instantly adopt new perspectives regarding your current situation, perspectives that result in pleasurable relaxation and creative flights of fancy.

Listen to the meditation now, and go here if you would like to book a more intensive personalized meditation session.


In this segment we learned that:

  • Our past continues to live in our present and influence the decisions we make and the type of life we live
  • The mind is unable to differentiate between real memories and vivid fantasies, which means we can “rewrite” our past to create a better future
  • Meditation is a great way to explore our past memories and create new ones. With the aid of meditation, we can instantly generate fresh experiences that create new perspectives and associations in our daily lives. As a result, it is one of the best ways to implement the ideas discussed here

Next week, we will take this exercise to the next level and adopt new identities!

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