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If you’re looking for hypnosis or hypnotherapy in Toronto, our unique hypnosis modality might be perfect for you – connect with us via online hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home.

Looking for Hypnotherapy in Toronto?

We’re a clinic based out of Hamilton, ON (you can check out some reviews on our Google listing) but actually most of our clients connect with us from all over the world. 

We’ve been utilizing his unique hypnotherapy modality called Hishtalmoot for over eight years, with great success, and have worked with clients in Canada, US, England, Israel, India, and more. 

Online Hypnotherapy can be very powerful, we talk about it more in this article. It allows you to save time, find the right modality for your needs, and connect with a hypnotist you have chemistry with, regardless of their location.

Learn more about the types of challenges we have helped people with, and read some testimonials from happy clients. 

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A Variety of Reasons to See a Hypnotherapist in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and a lot of forginers often mistake it for the capital of Canada, not just of Ontario.

With close to 3 million people living in the Greater Toronto area, it makes  sense that people there struggle with the same challenges faced in any large metropolitan area: anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD, relationship and money worries, and more. 

Read below to see some examples of the types of challenges we’ve helped people with in Toronto and the surrounding area. 

shalom shore is a hypnotherapist in hamilton ontario

Shalom Shore, Canadian Hypnotherapist

I’m Shalom Shore, currently living in Hamilton and serving as a hypnotherapist in Toronto as well as globally with the help of online hypnosis. 

I’ve had a rather unconventional life, which you wouldn’t know if you met me walking down Locke Street in Hamilton.

My father is from London, ON, my grandfather was born in Beamsville where his father owned the general store. He later went on to be a member of provincial parliament in the 70’s. 

But I was born in Israel, where my parents move to after getting involved in a cult. They gave birth to me and eight other children, and raised me in a strict religious upbringing.

I grew up playing roller hockey, because Israel doesn’t have much ice, and when I visited Toronto, it would often be to the North York area, where the Jewish community is and where I still have a lot of family.

Before leaving religion behind, I actually became an ordained Orthodox Rabbi, and in addition to my therapy training in Jerusalem, I also studied hypnosis with a Russian/Canadian/Israeli Rabbi. 

It has taken me a long time to get where I am today, and as a result of my upbringing, I have personally struggled with many of the mental health issues I now help other clients with. 

I approach client issues with an open mind, and as the founder of the Hishtalmoot Hypnosis modality, it is my mission to help others with hypnosis in the same way it helped me transform my life.

P.S. All the photos of Toronto on this page were taken by me.

Hypnosis Success Stories in Toronto

Here are some examples of challenges that have benefited from hypnotherapy Toronto and the surrounding area.

Free Hypnotherapy Session for Laid Off Tech Industry Workers

Free Hypnotherapy Session for Laid Off Tech Industry Workers

As someone who has experienced firsthand the current downsizing of the tech sector, I wanted to give back and support others who may be going through a difficult time. I’m offering a free full-length hypnotherapy session for anyone who has recently been laid off. This...

The Root of Addictive Behavior 

The Root of Addictive Behavior 

I’ve worked with several clients with addiction, and here’s what hypnosis for addiction typically looks like.  The principle with addiction is that we pursue it to provide temporary relief from some other discomfort.  Life sucks, we do something that makes...

What is CPTSD?

What is CPTSD?

We know a single traumatic event can already result in PTSD showing symptoms like anger, depression, and anxiety.  If you take a single traumatic event and multiply it, or have prolonged exposure to a traumatic experience- it can result in CPTSD, or Complex Post...

Hypnotherapy Insights from Toronto

Shalom writes regularly about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, personal growth, mental health and emotional healing, from his office in Hamilton.

Single Session Therapy: The Case for Brief, Intermittent Sessions

Single Session Therapy: The Case for Brief, Intermittent Sessions

I have long known that my therapeutic approach with Hishtalmoot has been rather unconventional. I typically let clients book with me when they want, by giving them a link to my scheduling calendar. There is no assumption as to how frequently they will return to see...

Hypnosis Assisted Therapy

Hypnosis Assisted Therapy

One of the ways in which I like to distinguish the type of work I do with clients is by describing it as Hypnosis Assisted Therapy (HAT). (And right off the gate I'd like to reiterate that I am not a licensed therapist) Borrowing from the world of psychedelic assisted...

What is the Hishtalmoot Hypnotherapy Experience Like?

What is the Hishtalmoot Hypnotherapy Experience Like?

"Surprising." This is one of the words I hear most often when clients describe how their experience was. Clearly, what is happening is transcending what most people expect will occur in a virtual, hour and a half encounter with another human. As someone who has used...

What people are saying

Doing this work with Shalom, I have felt an openness and safety to see all the parts of myself.

The best modality I’ve found. Shalom is a masterful facilitator.

The most impactful thing I’ve ever done is hypnotherapy. If you’re on the fence, give it a try.

I had instant results after my work with Shalom. He is great at his work and hypnosis.

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