Change Your Life in 60 Second

They say that 90% of success is showing up.

I try to live by that principle. Whether it’s quieting the voice in my head that says “thousands of people have already tried that”, or getting myself to take small, seemingly inconsequential steps towards a goal.

I like to point out that the difference between not doing anything at all, and any action whatsoever, is infinity.

Couple that with my favorite producitivity principle, the 80/20 rule which states that certain actions can have a disproportionate result, and you have a strong case for being able to change your life in 60 seconds a day.

The premise is simple: even 60 seconds of exercize is infintely better than none. 60 seconds of yoga can have a significant impact on your mood. And even 60 seconds of meditation can leave you feeling more grounded and self-aware.

Over time, I’ve also honed in on the most effective way to spend those 60 seconds, using the 80/20 rule. The result is a triple-threat, no excuses routine which I try to use daily to give myself a happier and more producitive day. I believe that if you spend just 3 minutes a day doing this, you’ll find that a. it creates a positive compounding effect in your life and b. you’ll find it so beneficial you’ll find the time to devote a few more minutes to it.

The idea here is to completely remove any excuse related to not having enough time, and give just 60 seconds to the following three areas, which I describe I’ll describe in detail:

  • Exercize
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

I highly recommend grouping these three practices together into a morning routine, and using an app to get in the habit and track your progress.

I credit the Fabulous app with teaching me the importance of a rutine (Postiive Psychologist Dr. Tal Ben Shachar refers to these as “rituals”). Basically it’s much easier to perform a series of beneficial tasks if you do them at the same time every day, and link them to each other.

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