Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Guilt

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Guilt

Guilt is a recurring theme amongst many clients, two specific instances come to mind because of their similarity: Carl and Danny both discovered during a session that they were being held back in life by an inner voice that told them they were not good enough because of things they had done in their past.

“Look at your past! you are a total bum,” said Carl’s inner voice. “and there is no reason or way in the world that you can just move on and build yourself a successful future!”.

Self-sabotaging thoughts like these played through their minds continuously.

During their separate sessions, Carl and Danny were introduced to the Jewish concept of Teshuva, repentance. They were able to experience on an emotional level the idea that one can move on and effectively change his past by making a decision to live a different future. Through deeply experiencing this idea, Carl and Danny were able to disconnect from the unsavory choices they had made in their past and relieve themselves of the negative emotions that had been holding them back.

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