Self-Selection in Personal Growth

If you are reading this, chances are you are at least interested in the topic of personal growth. I commend you, as it happens to be a passion of mine.

But there are many people out there who are not interested in this topic. And as I’m sure you can resonate with me, many of those are the people that need to grow the most.

I often say that self-awareness and a desire to grow are all you need in life to succeed. But we all know people who are so stuck that no amount of external pressure, discussion, or suggestion seems to have any impact at all.

So it seems that the world can be divided between those who have an affinity for personal growth, and those that don’t. And as these two groups progress through their lives, the divide between their levels of refinement, development, and growth grows wider and wider, as one group progresses and the other lags behind.

I am writing this not because I have a solution, but to share my frustration over a problem. 

The one takeaway I can glean from this observation is humility. Yes, it is very satisfying to have other people come to me to help them develop themselves. But I must remember that the person who willingly books an appointment with me is part of the minority who is interested in growing on their own accord. And that type of person will grow one way or another, if not with me than with someone else.

So I must always remember that I am just a tool, a hopefully helpful stepping stone for someone who is already on a journey.

I am still searching for ways to inspire those not looking for inspiration, the motivate those who don’t realize they are not motivated. I welcome suggestions in the comments below.  

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