Hypnosis Landing Page

My name is Shalom Tzvi Shore, and I am trained hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy allows you to alter your state of mind in order to create lasting change in your life more quickly and effectively.

If you’ve ever unsuccessfully tried making changes in your life, things you KNEW were the right thing to do; hypnotherapy might be the tool that makes the difference.

Instead of appealing to your conscious, logical mind, hypnosis goes straight to your subconscious – your emotional, intuitive side that is the part that really makes the decisions in your life.

Interested in learning more? Here’s a more in-depth article about the process and benefits.

I have been meditating and working on myself for over 10 years, and hypnosis has played a key part in my own transitions and transformations.

What Can Hypnosis Help With?

Hypnosis can be helpful addressing pretty much any mental or emotional challenge that you might be facing, personally, I have found myself draw to, and focusing on, anxiety, depression, and trauma, since I relate to these directly from my own life struggles.

Here are a few examples of specific issues I have worked on with people:

  •  A young man who learned to be more assertive in his interpersonal interactions
  • A teenager who struggled with anxiety.
  • A medical school student who was facing doubts about his career choices.
  • A woman, herself a therapist, who worked with me to address her dating challenges. She later got engaged, and thanked me for our work together. My favorite quote from her was “It would have taken me 10 years of therapy to have this insight.”

Get started with Hypnosis

I offer virtual hypnotherapy sessions via video call on a pay-what-you-can basis (I will let you know the suggested fee and the range that people typically pay); if you’re the right fit, I will happily work with you regardless of how much you can actually pay. 

To see if you’re a good candidate for hypnosis, your first step is to schedule a free 30-minute consultation where you can tell me about yourself and what you’d like to work on, and where I can also address any questions or concerns you might have.