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Hishtalmoot meditation is a form of meditation which incorporates ancient, empowering Jewish ideas and contemporary psychological insights into a modality which is at once inspiring, emotional and growth oriented.

In a single one hour workshop, participants first learn what meditation is, how it can easily be used to create positive change and overcome challenges that are holding them back in life. After a sound theoretical understanding is established, participants actually experience this form of meditation in a powerful, visceral experience that is often profoundly impactful even for people who have practiced meditation in the past.

Each workshop is a standalone experience, with a theoretical introduction and a practical application. Multiple workshops can be scheduled, each with a focus on a different personal development technique or Jewish idea.

What topics are covered? 

Workshop and presentation topics include:

  • Identifying and living your passions
  • Developing an emotional relationship with the Creator
  • Improving your relationships with your spouse and children
  • Character development and personal growth
  • Mindfulness: living the six constant mitzvot (commandments)
  • Reincarnation: what does it mean and does it exist?
  • How to overcome emotional difficulties and addictions



The following are some unsolicited responses from people who experienced Hishtalmoot meditation.

  • “Just wanted to say thank you again for a great, unexpected experience. Looking forward to our next session.”
  • “I felt elated, elevated.”
  • “This was a very nice experience, you have to do this!”
  • “Incredible, this was beautifully done, I cried. Thank you.”

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